We will think over every element of your future space. You can get acquainted with the future of the interior even before the start of construction work. You will receive a design project in the form of an album with high-quality 3D visualization of the premises, as well as all technical drawings.


Team of KT-Studio will take care of all the issues related to supporting your project – from selecting materials to ordering furniture and decor. We plan and monitor the entire course of repair work, this will help to avoid mistakes and speed up the construction process as a whole.


Our team of qualified builders, under the guidance of an experienced foreman, will repair your premises qualitatively, within the established budget and strictly within the agreed time.
We are responsible for the work done at each stage of the repair.


We create stylish, concise and functional interiors, focusing on details and modern technologies. Square by square we build new spaces. Spaces in which you want to live.

Applying to KT-Studio, you get a full design of the premises, which includes both the technical part, and high-quality 3D visualization or Sketch for understanding the final result.

Our main goal is your satisfaction with the result.

The cost of the complex project is from $15 per sq.m.

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What is included in the project?
  1. Development of a planning solution. From 3 options and up to the optimum.
  2. Development of the interior concept. Development of style and color plan of the interior (in the form of a collage).
  3. Visualization of the room. 3-4 perspectives for each room with the possibility of 2 edits.
  4. Drawings package:
    • Measurement plan.
    • Planning solution.
    • Dismantling.
    • Installation.
    • The plan of the ceiling.
    • Plan lighting with bindings.
    • Plan lighting groups with switches.
    • Sockets.
    • Floor plan.
    • Plan of plumbing fixtures.
    • Plan of heating.
    • Plan of warm floors.
    • Plan of conditioning.
    • The unfolding of walls with the miscalculation of finishing materials.
  5. Selection of the basic style interior details (tile, wallpaper, color of colors, style furniture).
  6. In addition, the author’s supervision, the equipment of the facility (selection and purchases), departure for measurements outside Kiev.


We provide full support of the project – from the selection of materials to the completion of construction works.

Author’s supervision will avoid mistakes during construction, save your time and prevent unnecessary costs. Our designer will take control of all issues related to the construction and the collector will select the necessary materials and interior items.

When implementing the design of the project, an important role is played by adjusting the drawings, coordinating the actions of the builders, as well as resolving the client’s issues arising in the selection of components. Realization of the project directly by its author enables you to receive the object taking into account all the planned technical and style solutions. Author’s support services in KT-Studio is a guarantee of full compliance with all your wishes and requirements, an exact copy of the interior as a result of the completion of the repair.


Correctly implemented in the life of the design project premises – this is the guarantee of your satisfaction with the result. The construction work carried out by our teams is 100% consistent with the design sketches.

We are not afraid of difficult tasks. We are not limited to elite objects. We repair both residential and commercial premises – apartments, private houses, restaurants, shops, offices.
Quality of the executed works is uncompromisingly high, regardless of the budget.

Our project department will make a detailed estimate of the repair work.
The cost of building works up to $150 per square meter.

Do you want the building works to go “without surprises”?
Then contact KT-Studio!

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